Write to be Free


Originally Posted May 17, 2012

Writers write according to their internal clocks and biorythms. While our critics may say, with or without a smile, that we’ll never polish our stars enough to shine, we ourselves can admit that – on some days at least – it really isn’t “going to happen.”  On those days, we are better off following another rabbit’s trail.  That’s where the random stuff sneaks in, usually carelessly tossed out there on a blog page because it’s random, in the moment, and often not very interesting.

I have been thinking that I should separate the two things – real writing versus the spontaneous outbreaks of “slice of life” stuff.  So, I started a blog at ronscheckelhoff.tumblr.com   The blog is not really up to snuff yet … but when it is, I’ll likely be sending the more random stuff that way ….



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