T-Day Homemade Dog food Meal

Gets his Turkey for Thanksgiving

This year I decided that Hutch should have real turkey for Thanksgiving.  In putting the recipe together, I found that many of the homemade DIY dog food recipes that include turkey are lacking the calcium.  The ones that include calcium use bone meal, which is hard to find, and said to be often of questionable quality.  So, what to do?  I’m no vet nor pet nutritionist, but I …

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Watermelon or Radish?

Figure 1: Watermelon radishes.

Recently I had an opportunity to taste a variety of radish that I hadn’t previously known about – the so-called “watermelon” radish.  They do look like little slices of watermelon, don’t they?  These came from (Kristen and Jason’s) Red Root farm, and they are tastey.  I rarely come across a radish I don’t like, but then again I’m fond of turnips and rutabaga as well.