This is me (photo courtesy of a sibling  of exceptional camera expertise)

This blog may appeal to those who enjoy talking and writing about writing.

The author is one who has spent most of his life writing one thing or another, but mostly computer programs (until the novelist bug bit him a few years ago) …


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  2. I really love most of your writings on the Aether. Especially your notuon of a liquid crystal. I have wonder for sometime about the possible connectuon between lipids, sturctured water or Gerald Pollack call it the 4th phase of water and the Ather. I think that the entire human body system is an antenna system….an the water allows for communication with the Aether…

    It would be sweet to have all of you writings on physics as PDF.
    You could be right aboit the longitudinal and torsional wave.

    • Thanks for the comment Alberick. Yes, I think our universe has continuity between the nanoscale and the human scale. In other words, the same crystallography (generically speaking) that defines atomic/molecular structures also defines what we now think of as “space” Aether is like the underlying, singular elemental clay from which reality is molded.

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