Quantum Immortality vs the Aether

For some time, a (popular) physics meme found in related books is the concept of quantum immortality.   While spooky ideas emerging from the mist of a quantum mechanics view of the universe may give hope to some that they may achieve immortality simply by applying a few quantum magic tricks,  the reality to an aetherist (moi) – is in the revelation that it is only a magic trick; an illusion.

The mystical quality of so-called spooky action at a distance, translated to the aetherist’s (not atheist’s) point of view, becomes an example of a simple mechanical classical action of physics reality; a phenomenon capable of keeping two things in synchronization via a simple ping-pong reflex in a communication medium.  The immortality potential evaporates in this latter view of the universe.

The ping-pong communications medium is the aether, and the specific nature of the entanglement connection is longitudinal and (perhaps) torsional at the scale of the aether’s granularity as it is applied to the longitudinal momentum, but not to transverse waves.  The signal detection equipment of our era has a tough time with longitudinal aether components, a fact that allows other-worldly conjectures to continue within the realm of the so-called quantum mechanics viewpoint of the world and of entanglement.

Consider the longitudinal component action of waves in water.  The sinusoidal surface waves follow a discontinuity in the medium, that being the air-to-water surface interface.  The sinusoidal waves occur exactly at that interface.  All the while, below the surface, the longitudinal forces are undetected. Wind effects a similar longitudinal force upon the surface of the water, but is on the other side of the interface from the forces of the depths. Both forces cause a sinusoidal action at the interface of the mediums of air and water. In the case of water waves, the action is modified by the effects of gravity, but the originating forces are still all longitudinal. Gravity effects only the secondary, derivative waves.  So it is a similar thing that happens with quantum aether entanglement.  The entanglement is the undetected longitudinal signal component of the depths.

A signal impacting the aether does not impact from the transverse direction.  How could it?  When you open the door to your house, do you push down on the top of the door, or do you push forward (longitudinally) on the door?

The longitudinal push on the aether creates a discontinuity in the aether – similarly to the way the longitudinal wave affects the ocean.  And, in similar fashion, sinusoidal waves form at the interface of the longitudinal push of force through the aether, generating its affect on the aether fabric, which is the discontinuity it produces.  The sinusoidal waves are a derivative of the longitudinal forces pushing the aether.

So, entanglement is classical and Newtonian like water, air, and earth.  It cannot provide immortality.  It probably takes God for that.   The immortality conjecture that was the favorite meme for quite a while – takes its basis from the idea of “oneness” that quantum mechanics interpretations applied to entangled states.  Those states are not one, they are two things connected, with their seeming “oneness” being only a slight of hand of nature, which is really a synchronizing connection we don’t yet have the technology to see.

So, in such an endeavor it’s not the synchronizing connections that you’d need to preserve – it is instead the aether endpoints that actually are the participants in the synchronization dance.  Those aether endpoints are in the body and soul of the creatures who hold them.  Reproducing those endpoints is possible, but results only in a copy. So, even this version of immortality is not any different than being cloned or having kids … not really “immortality” …

The ping-pong action of entanglement brings to mind the idea of balls of energy, ping-ponging.    However; the real action may be more representative of a Wilburforce pendulum, having a coil formed by a continuous sort of dynamo effect that is the result of the basic structure of the underlying aether.  Twisting dynamo effects that follow the structure of the aether in response to longitudinal energy may still propagate the “ping-pong” of a single photon’s energy, but in the way of a solid solenoid core rather than an amorphous bit of energy.

What is seen as sinusoidal transverse energy appearing at endpoints has been previously transformed from the longitudinal, on-the-fly, by the torsional tendencies given to energy transferred through the aether, the structure of which must support vortex formation prodigiously.  (The YT channel fractal-lady refers to similar transformations as being a result of “aether circulation” effects. Note she is not affiliated with this site, and probably disagrees with my take on the aether (but I don’t know for sure)). Scientists know that wireless energy transfer has huge losses.  No wireless electrical power transfer device has ever exceeded 45 percent efficiency, and that may very well be due to half of the total power remaining unavailable because of its longitudinal/torsional nature, combined with the limited technology that is unable to harvest it.  It is said that 73 percent of the universe’s energy is “missing” – but that conclusion may have happened because the mode of the energy that’s missing is not detectable with our current level of technology.

RF energy in antennas has been found to have something called the “skin effect.”  The energy transfer in the antenna is almost exclusively confined to the outer molecular layers of the conductors.  The outer molecular layers of those conductors are close to the interface between the conductor mass and the aether.  Again, it is a discontinuity that provides for a transformation of energy, only part of which we actually see.  The discontinuity between a metallic mass and the aether is much more abrupt than the one between a moment of energy and the aether.  This abruptness causes the skin waves to be created much more efficiently, and so conduction thru metallic mass has high efficiency in the modes we can observe.

Note: the author is a writer on technical subjects in some areas, of novels, and of other literature, but does not have any formal credentials related to the medical field, or in physics.  Thus, this all constitutes an opinion of what might be possible, based on his own hobby-level knowledge quests.


Psychic Dogs, Twin Dogs

We brought Hutch and his brother home against the admonitions of most veterinarians.   Hutch and Star were male littermates.  Males who are brothers and of the same litter rarely get along very well.  Usually they want to fight with each other excessively, and the admonition was given to avoid adopting them altogether.

We ignored the advice, and worked through the first few months of sparring activity that was done to establish the dominance of one over the other.  Finally, after both agreed that Hutch would be the beta dog, and his brother would be the alpha, all was fine.  Once they found they could get along, they were an impressive duo.  With both over a hundred pounds (Hutch at one point 126 lbs) – they were as trophy horses, trotting against their bridles and their leashes, running the trails of North Carolina with their master in tow.   The bonds they developed between themselves, and with me, were awe inspiring.

Many years passed and Star became ill.  A cancer wrapped itself around his spine, cutting it off and paralysing him.  He lay on a hospital gurney, dying.  At home, my wife sat at the table, watching Hutch.  A phone call informed that his brother was going to be put to sleep.  At almost that exact time (really, about ten minutes later) – Hutch’s face appeared suddenly worried.  With big eyes he looked towards the pad where his brother usually slept.  Then he began to whimper.  Ten minutes would have been about the correct time, from call to injection.

Our big bear part-rottweiller / part german-shepherd Hutch did not take to whimpering easily.  He was no chiwauwahua.  But, he was a serously concerned dog. There have been anecdotal stories of human twins with similar experiences.  One twin “knows” when the other has died, or is in serious trouble.

It’s not true that dog littermates are much like human twins. In humans however; recent discoveries indicate that a little of what happens to twins, happens to everybody.  Twins have identical DNA, if they are identical.  Probably, fraternal twins have some identical portions of DNA, but some that is not.  And children, it is now suspected, take a little bit of identical DNA from their parents due to the simple fact of gestation.  I am not a doctor, so this is an uneducated opinion that derives from my mind’s ability to connect dots.  If I’ve connected them inappropriately, or made other inaccurate assessments, the reader has been forwarned.

At one time, it was thought that the body could not have two sets of DNA.  IIRC, this has been proven wrong.  In any case, perhaps it is not necessary for all of the DNA to be identical.  Perhaps it is enough for long sections of it to be matched with each other, without being entirely identical.  This would be the case (it seems to me) – for siblings that share a home during gestation.

A dog littermate, by the just described reasoning, would have some of his brother’s DNA, in exact form.   Psychic studies seem to imply (based on anecdotal data) – that identical twins are most likely to have these kind of psychic experiences, and fraternal twins are somewhat less likely to have them (by 5 to 1 ratio). There is little or no data on the incidence of psychic phenomenon between mother and child.

If you look at the Wiki page on Twin psychic phenomenon, you will find the scientist’s viewpoint on the matter.  It is simply that, due to the inverse square law, psychic phenomenon is impossible.  They insist that all twins episodes are simple coincidences.

To an aetherist (not atheist BTW), the scientist’s viewpoint has a fatal flaw.  While it’s true that “normal” transverse light, taken as a whole, is dependent upon the inverse square law, a single photon, taken as itself, that has mostly longitudinal momentum, and also has perfect incident angle, does not observe the inverse square law in the same way.  There would be a much less deletiorous effect.

With an acceptance of a universal aether (latin pronounciation of “ether”) comes the ability to avoid the disqualifying inverse square law restriction, and leave open the door to psychic phenomenon based on what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.

Scientists have recently discovered what they believe is a non-local interaction between strands (and sections of strands) of DNA.  This is effectively “spooky action at a distance” – but operated over tiny intervals of space. The interaction is dependent upon the exact structure of the DNA, and so one perhaps could make the guess that it would work between twins in the same way as it works inside of and between elements of their own DNA.

Food for thought …

RIP, my ole’ buddies.

Note: the author is a writer on technical subjects in some areas, of novels, and of other literature, but does not have any formal credentials related to the medical field, or in physics.  Thus, this all constitutes an opinion of what might be possible, based on his own hobby-level knowledge quests.