Hutch is Marley

Posted July 29’th 2012

I knew I had something special when I first saw the look in Hutch’s eyes. It was he who decided whether or not I would be OK to take him home from the shelter. A few weeks after he settled in at the house, we watched a movie together: Marley. Now, after four years, I am certain that our “Marley” carefully made mental notes of everything related to the movie dog actor’s thought processes and life philosophy.

A few weeks ago, our “Marley” developed a strange habit. Hutch knows that he is late to get what he wants if I am absorbed by the computer or internet (that happens). The new behavior, recently developed, is like this: Hutch comes round to the desk, and nudges me, as if to say “I need water,” or “I need to go outside,” etc.

In response, I may go and retrieve my shoes, put them on, grab a leash and head towards the door. At this point in the new routine, Hutch (Marley) goes to his corner and lies down.

At first I was puzzled by this weird behavior, as well as annoyed. Then it dawned on me – that Hutch had come to associate my computer usage with being shooed away or delayed. He had decided to fix his own problem – and to keep me away from the computer! MAYBE – he was playing a little tat for tat! So, I’ve decided to be a little more attentive to our “Marley” …



4 thoughts on “Hutch is Marley

    • Hutch is a handful. When he gives you a “nudge,” you know it. I mean, he weighs more than any of my adult daughters. He almost took Mary Anne off her feet a couple days ago – jut cuz he was so happy to see her 🙂

  1. I like you because you understand dog language, anyone that does has a brain. I like brainy people who think. You are both and ta-da, you know right from wrong and have the guts to stand up and say so. I will read everything you write with a discerning eye but and appreciative mind.

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