Water, Water, Water

Figure 1:  Water from hurricane Florence (click to enlarge).

We’ve had quite a bit of rain in central NC over the past couple weeks, as the local lake’s normally dry overflow bottoms are testimony.  The area in Figure 2 was half dry on the bottom a year or so ago.


Figure 2: The docks and piers along the edge are mostly under water.

The water is normally an average 13 ft deep, but now is averaging 31 feet. This is a pretty high water level, historically speaking.  The picture in figure 3 is showing partially submerged trees, but the area just beyond the trees

should be a large wooden pier/platform that normally stands about 12 feet above the water at the railing that goes around it.  It’s still there, under the water.

Figure 3:  Observation platform is under water at end of treeline.