Favorite Books – 2

Jimmy Buffet, A Pirate Looks at Fifty, auth Jimmy Buffet, pub Random House, NY, first ed 1998.

The Souls of Animals, auth Gary Kowalski, pub Still Point Publishing, Canada, First Ed 2007.

The Birth of The Nazis, auth Nigel Jones, pub Carroll and Graf, NY, First ed 1987

Gestapo, auth Edward Crankshaw, pub The Viking Press, First Ed 1956.

St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism, auth Bennet Kelley, pub Catholic Publishing, NY, First Ed 1969.

Life Expectancy, auth Dean Koontz, pub Bantam, NY, First ed 2004

Quantum Evolution, Life in the Multiverse, auth JohnJoe McFadden, pub Flamingo, London, 2000

Faster than The Speed of Light, auth Joao Magueijo, Penguin Books, First ed 2003

Dog is My CoPilot, auth Editors of The Bark, pub Three Rivers Press, NY, First ed 2003

The Emperor’s New Mind, auth Roger Penrose, pub Oxford, NY, First Ed 1989.

Chaser, auth John Pilley, pub Mariner Books, First Ed 2013.

The Science of Jurassic Park and the Lost World, auth Rob DeSalle and Dafie Lindley, pub Basic Books, NY, First Ed 1997.

Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina, auth Claiborne Young, pub Joh Blair Publisher, NC, 2005

*** Physics of the Future, auth Michio Kaku, pub Random House, NY, Ed 2011

Blackbeard The Pirate, auth Robert E. Lee, pub John Blair Publisher, NC, First Ed 1995

****Voyage of the American Promise, auth Dodge Morgan, Pub Houghton Mifflin, Boston Ed 1989

Q is for Quantum, auth John Gribbin, pub Simon and Schuster, NY, First Ed 1998

**Hyperspace, auth Michio Kaku, pub First Anchor Books, NY,  1994

Radium Girls, auth Kate Moore, pub Source Books, Ill, First Ed 2016

At the Mercy of the Sea, auth John Kretschmer, pub McGraw Hill, NY, 2007


** Very good book – entirely science – with not much put toward Utopian projections, IMO

*** Really did not like this book.  Seems to put a smiley on dystopian future IMO.  This compares to Hyperspace, by same author, and which I liked.  Yes I know the title of the page is “Favorite Books” – but this one has relevance anyway.

**** Hell of a book.

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