King Durian wears Majenta

Figure 1: Durian fruit of southeast asia: the “king” of fruits.

Recently I watched a video on Youtube that was about the Durian fruit of southeast Asia.  I had done so on previous occassions, and was intrigued by the enthusiasm that Durian fruit aficionados expressed.  Finally, my curiosity could be kept at bay no more – and I purchased a fruit for myself

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More Talk about Coffee


We love to talk about coffee, don’t we? Well, we love our favorite crutch, and its faithful ability to get us through all the otherwise groggy mornings. Recently, I’ve been spending time on some of the internet coffee forums, learning things that (as a person whose habit runs well over four decades) – I was surprised I didn’t know. It was a good break from the usual forums-to–visit list, and the much more droll postings I put on my site.

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