Favorite Books – 3

Jimmy Buffet, A Pirate Looks at Fifty, auth Jimmy Buffet, pub Random House, NY, first ed 1998.

Wolf and Man – Evolution in Parallel, auth Roberta Hall & Henry Sharp, pub Academic Press, Inc, ed:  1978

Introduction to DWDM Technology – Data in a Rainbow, auth Stamatios Kartalopoulos, pub IEEE Press, First Ed: 2000

A Patriot’s Handbook, auth Caroline Kennedy, pub Hyperion, NY, First Ed: 2003

Soonish, auth Kelly and Zach Weinersmith, pub Penguin Press, NY, 2007

4Mandarin Chinese, auth Fred Fangyu Wang, pub Mei Ya Publications, Inc, First Ed 1971

***Be Developer’s Guide, auth Be Development Team, pub Oreilly,  first ed 1997

2Shipwrecks, Unforgotten, auth Norbert Freitag, pub Finley greene Publications, 1998

1ARM System Developer’s Guide, auth Andrew Sloss Dominic Symes, Chris Wright, pub Morgan Kaufman Publishers, First Ed 2004

Useless Factopedia, auth Wendy Leonard, PhD, pub Harper Collins, NY, First Ed: 2012

5Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feyman! auth Richard P Feyman ref Ralph Leighton, Edward Hutchings, pub Bantam, NY,  1985

6An Atlas of Coasts and Oceans, auth Don Hinrichsen, pub University of Chicago Press, 2011

7Cosmetic Ingredients, auth Ruth Winter, M.S. pub Crown Trade Paperbacks, NY, 1994

8Inside of a Dog, auth Alexandra Horowitz, pub Scribner, NY, 2009

Nostradamus and His Prophecies, auth Edgar  Leoni, pub Bell Publishing Company, NY, 1982

Wanderer, auth Sterling Hayden, pub Sheridan House, NY, 1998

The Einstein Almanac, auth Alice Calaprice, pub John Hopkins University Press, 2005

National Geographic Field Guide to Photography, auth Bob Martin, Robert Clark, John Healy, Richard Olsenius, Robert Stevens, Debbie Grossman, Fran Brennan, pub National Geographic Society, 2006

From The Corner of the Eye, auth Dean Koontz, pub Bantam Books, NY,   2000

Natural Dog Care, auth Celeste Yarnall, PhD, pub Castle Books, First Ed 1998

9Complete Digital Photography, auth Ben Long, pub Charles River Media, 3’rd Edition 2005


1, 3 Selected Sections of this only.

2 This is awesome book.  Really mostly a listing of shipwrecks, their locations, and general description of event.  Locations are in Loran coordinates, so you need to use a Coast Guard free software program to approximate GPS.  The pages list 5,000 different shipwrecks, mostly with coordinates.

4 This is mostly a dictionary (which I didn’t read LOL).  But – the introduction section was educational.

5 Unbelievably enlightening book if you can believe it (Professor Feyman wouldn’t josh us, would he?!)  Good read. It lists his collaborations with A. Einstein and Neils Bohr during the A-bomb R&D period).

6 35 – 50 percent text, and the rest of it mainly consists of charts, diagrams, and pictures. It’s almost a must read item for environmentalist, esp ocean matters related.

7 If nothing else will convince you to use only sunflower or coconut oil for your deodorant, this will.  Actually, I don’t know if those oils are OK or not, since the book describes the bad stuff more than the good IMO.  I use the sunflower stuff myself (in the commercial stick form), but it is really messy to the point that I’m thinking about going back to the chemicals.  Works tho 🙂

8 Have read other of this woman’s books (a few years ago).  Always informative.

9 This was a little dated by the time I read it (2019).  Still, I picked up a few factoids from it.

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