Favorite Videos




Why I liked Southern Ocean Sailing …

The awesome power and desolation of one of nature’s last human unencumbered regions seems to be well carried in the frames of this video. The video is devoid of any music tracks that could steal impact from the peace of the short clip. The chill of the bergs slowly passing the heavily bundled sailors was transmitted through the eyes and to the skin of this viewer. Many music tracks on Youtube videos are copyright infringing, IMHO. I generally avoid videos that carry music, as a matter of course. The lack of a music track was one of the reasons this particular, non-infringing video found its way onto my list. We can thank a handful of New Zealanders for the magnificent footage (they call themselves Kiwis).


Drake and Monique go sailing on a 42 foot sailboat, visiting places in the Caribbean. Most recently, the pair has sailed off to Ireland …



Why I liked SuperVeggie …

Bhavna does a great job of explaining how to make some types of food that many of those born in America are not familiar with. I’m not certain whether or not Bhavna was herself born in America, but she certainly has a very down-home persona that is very helpful as she educates viewers with her well done videos. This woman’s channel has over thirty one million views!!


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