Couch Potatoes (7)


Posted: 05/16/2013: (continued from page six)

This page (seven) starts with a recently posted main-thread graphic. The graphic is all about ice cream, a foodstuff that quickly exposes a serious weakness in my gene set. Ice cream? I’m thinking there may be a bit of faddyglobin somewhere in the ice cream …

I thought of desert during our dinner at the Mediterranean style restaurant, and didn’t see cherry ice cream on the menu. Luckily, there was an alternative available to nicely exploit the second strongest genetic weakness in my DNA: Sugary dates.

No – not that kind.  I’m married.

All manner of “Baklava style” deserts were conveniently located next to the checkout, and it seemed certain that each one of them contained attractive confections in excess of the good doctor’s typical dinner recommendations.  In spite of this knowledge, I had two.  They were decadently fabulous, as usual. Speaking of the good doctor, please see the complete bibliographic entry at the bottom of this post.  My few paragraphs don’t reveal the depth of the material in the book, which covers many topics in addition to the ones I have mentioned thus far.

A quick glance at the listing on reveals that 650 amazon customers took the time to submit a reviewing comment on the book.  It seems quite popular.

Bibliographical information

Andrew Well, M.D., Eating Well for Optimum Health, (Alfred A Knopf, division of Random House, Inc, 2000)


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