Funky Computer Art


Posted 04-04-13

Hutch Dog –

Hutch is looking distinguished in his marbled portrait.  Truthfully, I think the effect is misnamed.  It’s more akin to a newspaper dot look.


Posted 04-05-2013

Spring Flowers

This flower (above) was taken from the original “Spring” post graphic. Compare the results (below) wherein the color balance and contrast has been slightly altered, to show the petula of the flowers with more intensity.


Posted 04-05-2013

Inner parts of flower emphasized


Poste 04-05-2013

A metal ridge superimposed onto the original flower …


Posted 04-05-2013

Inner glow added to a metal (ridge) frame …


Posted 04-05-2013

A sponge effect applied to the original “spring” graphic


Posted 04-04-13

Funky Jelly


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