Couch Potatoes (4)


Posted 05/09/2013:

Maybe the reader knows how it happens, in the event that a person notices something not noticed before.  It shortly thereafter becomes apparent that the thing observed now, but not before, was not really an uncommon thing – just unnoticed.

The photo that starts this page was taken from another place where the walk was purposely wound around the old tree, in order to save it.  I did monkey with the picture a little bit, to cover some distracting constructions on the original photo, near the edge of it (can you see  where I have fudged the graphic?)


While I was monkeying around with the photo, I decided to turn the green up a tad.  It seems to add a “lush” sort of effect, I think.  A little while later, along the same path I came upon some flowers that were less drab or needy of fix-ups.


Finally, I returned to the house, threw the damp flannel shirt I’d used in lieu of a coat onto a chair back, and plunked down into one of the other derriere retaining devices.  I picked up a book I’d been reading, and that contributed slightly to the saga of the couch potato now entering its fifth page.

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