Strange Sounds all Over the World

Solar Blast

Solar Blast

Posted: July 10 2012

Author’s illustration of largest ever Solar Flare

For the past year, the sun has been very active in terms of bright solar flares. The largest of these were purported to have caused strange sky borne sounds that were heard all over the world. About six months ago sprouted dozens of videos taken by random people all over the world, and those videos all contained the strange audio.

I looked at the videos and of course suspected a hoax. But, then I listened to a few more of them and decided that the scientists were correct when they surmised that solar flares caused the sounds. The clips contain some awesome sounds, in my opinion … raw nature of the fifteen million degree solar kind.

I started listening to the sounds closely, and realized I had heard them before, on something called natural earth radio. I’ve always been a radio experimenter, and some time ago I spent time investigating natural radio. The earth’s natural resonant frequency is about 8 hertz. It’s also called Schumann response frequency. It has to do with the resonance of the full cavity length of the waveguide – the circumference of the earth. Eight hertz is a little low for the human ear, but harmonics of the fundamental (especially the third harmonic and up) are audible to most persons. You cannot go to a quiet place and listen very intently to hear earth radio signals, because they are radio and not audio signals.

Earth radio experimenters (hobbyists) build little electronic radios to listen to earth’s natural radio sounds. Lightning comes across as a chirp, or a whistle. Sometimes the sounds are referred to as whistlers. Earth resonance frequency is “natural radio”, but most of the natural radio that is heard on a natural radio receiver is the result of the lateral earth-ionosphere waveguide resonance. This resonance has to do with the lateral waveguide resonance dictated by the earth to ionosphere length – in kilometers. One layer of the ionosphere (there are several) is around 330 kilometers above the earth’s surface. That distance is a full wavelength for a frequency around ~900 hertz. Stronger solar flare activity makes the ionosphere more like a mirror, and less activity makes it less like a mirror for natural radio signals.

Waveguide resonance is not necessary for earth radio signals to be heard, so especially close in signals can be heard on any natural earth frequency. However; wavelengths that are half wavelength multiples of the fundamental are transmitted along the waveguide. The important part, in terms of the strange sound phenomenon – is that maximum power is transferred at resonance. This is in support of the sky sound theory contained in the final paragraph of this article (section: Tesla was a genius).

Wavelength (in meters) is approx 300,000 divided by the frequency (in kilohertz)

The earth resonance frequency is approximately 300,000 divided by 40,000,000 meters (circumference of the earth) and equals ~7.5 hertz

A good site for natural radio is at

Go to

In the "from" value column type 330 kilometers. 
In the "from" units box select "wavelength in kilometers."
In the "to" units box select "hertz".

The output will be ~900 hertz.  That is a sound in the frequency
range heard on the videos.  Frequencies around ~900 hertz are
medium audio frequencies, but in the videos - both very low and 
medium frequencies were heard.

Some of the videographers described the effects as “felt” more than heard.

This implies very low frequencies. There are a couple ways such low frequencies could be involved. First, they could be earth natural resonances, with power transferred by a sort of “natural” transmission line effect (Tesla machine effect). The other means might be by “difference frequency” (heterodyne) of the earth-ionosphere waveguide frequencies.

Radio propagation is affected by the ionosphere, which is itself affected by solar flares. Intuitively, it seems that if one were to dump extraordinary amounts of radiation into the ionosphere, then an extraordinary result might happen – relative to radio.

There is little previous historical record of the kind of thing that happened in January, when the reports started coming in from amateur videographers.

There have for decades been persistent reports from travelers that the Aurora Borealis makes a noise, but these have never been seriously examined by scientific means. I can think of one exception to that statement – a thesis done by a Helsinki native. Note the northern travelers talked about “audible sounds” heard without radios. It is well known that the aurora can be heard with the use of “natural radio” receivers.

The Aurora is of course effected by solar flares.

When you are listening to natural radio, you may hear a series of rumbles, hums and chirps from distant lightning strikes. These lightning strikes may have occurred on the other side of the earth, but you’ll hear them nearly instantly on your radio!

There are plans and kits for these little radios – you may want to procure one and try listening for yourself. You will find the sounds to be nearly the same as in the videos.

The question remaining is how did the natural “radio” signals get converted to the powerful audio sounds heard in the clips?

All well and good, but …

Tesla was a genius, there is no doubt. He was considered quite eccentric. One of his eccentric ideas was to create mechanical vibration in the presence of electromagnetic fields. This is done all the time with AC electric motors (which he invented). His concept took it one step further in a machine designed to create earthquakes. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Like I said, he was eccentric. The theory works, and it is possible, at low frequencies, to induce vibration to a physical medium from an electromagnetic one. This may be how the natural radio energy is transferred to mechanical (audio sound) energy, as heard in the videos. There would be a requirement for a very strong radio frequency field to make this happen, and the flare could power it. Said more accurately, the flare would polish the mirrors, so to speak, to make the power that was available more effective.

What if I were a twelve year old kid, but physically looked like a 50 year old scientist with pranks on my mind? Could I make sky sounds? Surely, you could – especially if you had something akin to the HAARP installation in Alaska. HAARP is essentially a “mirror polisher.” My suggestion? If you hear the thunderous voice of God pouring from the sky … do a gut check before you fall to your knees.

Speaking of gut check – mine says the sky sounds were solar flare powered and not HAARP. This time.

None of this is rocket science. My knowledge of this matter is entirely the result of a lifelong radio hobby, associated interests, and nothing else.

To be continued …


6 thoughts on “Strange Sounds all Over the World

  1. Wow Ron, very interesting. I too have seen videos about these weird sounds and am real curious as to the cause.

  2. Well, the explanations from one or two experts, who were hard to find on the net – were terse and layman-unacceptable. I espouse a more “layman friendly” theory that works from a little different perspective than theirs. I’m in the “layman” category too – but my radio hobby probably does help me to visualize potential theories a little more easily …

    The technology probably already exists for manipulating this … and someday they will inject powerful sky sounds in a way designed to fool people into believing they are listening to God speaking from the heavens. The way I see it, it probably won’t even be that complicated. We have too much technology for our own good …

    • It’s been quite a while since I wrote this post, and it may have been the result of an overly-caffeinated morning 🙂 But, as time goes on, and the thing is not repeated, it makes me think it was not a hoax. Otherwise, some wise-acres would almost certainly be doing it still. Or, maybe they are and nobody pays any attention. Like you say, I’m still curious as well …

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