Our Canis Lupus Familiaris

Our Canis Lupus Canis Lupus Familiaris

Sometimes I think our dogs really are lupus, but we love them anyway. This page is devoted to the mutt brothers, (they really are) freed from the pound four years ago …


These brothers are really lupus!


I guess I’m a dog lover rather than a cat lover.  In this world, you are one or the other. Cat people will take this badly, but IMO, cats aren’t cuddly.  When I come home and am greeted by 209 pounds of slobbering, panting, grinning and jumping canis lupis familiaris, I know they like me.  Now, some  scientists have measured the “love” chemical in dogs, and officially endorse what I already know.  Doesn’t it seem like  scientists always take a long time to catch up? To us regular folks, it’s obvious already! Anyway, they’ve discovered that in dogs, there is an increase in the love chemical (oxycotin) when said dogs are close to their favorite humans.  IIRC, the news article pegged the increase at 57 percent in dogs, but only 12 percent in cats.  Proof enough for me 🙂

Still more canis lupus familiaris


2 thoughts on “Our Canis Lupus Familiaris

  1. Ah – those were the days. Just Starsky and Hutch and I hanging out, checking the weather together. Hutch is still around, still lovable as ever, but getting really really slow. Wish they could live as long as us.
    – Ron

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