Bigger, Bolder pictures

Figure 1:  Just one of those photos that needed more space

I’ve been dabbling in the realm of Photography for the past couple years, after a hiatus of about thirty-seven years.  I wasn’t a very knowledgeable photographer even back then in the eighties, and have only incrementally added to my repository of things to know in this realm.  Most blog sites are (well, of course they are) – meant more for blogging than for photography.  So, I finally realized how tiring it is for viewers who can’t really see my photos in high detail – due to size or layout or navigation restrictions, all the while I talk or write about those photos.  Subsequent to this epiphany, I set up a photo repo (on a photo site designed specifically for photos) in order to remedy that situation.  Don’t get me wrong – this blogger platform is great for blogging, but for photos it works in a more ancillary mode.

Technically, I could switch to another theme more suited to the photo.  But in that case I’d lose the nice textual format that is the mainstay of the blog.  It’s a bit of a catch-22. Anyway …

I kept shooting my casual pics with the Canon Sureshot style of camera throughout all of those years, but such casual shooting doesn’t necessarily qualify anyone as a photographer.  The whole idea behind such a consumer camera is that one can know absolutely nothing about photography and still, at least some of the time, take reasonably usable pictures.

So, enjoy my often random pictures and commentary.  Sometimes a scene strikes me as notable and/or memorable, and I try to capture it.  I’m papering my walls with this stuff, but I’m selecting to suit both the tastes of the other half, and myself, which often means entirely different pictures.  I’m surprised at how much the perception of photos differs between people.  One that I really like is awful, while one that I dislike is “really good.”  I guess we need his and hers walls LOL.

The foregoing thought is something to consider if you’re a hardened photographer or a nascent one.  If you shop it to enough people, somebody is going to like it.

The smugmug is probably a better place to see some of my stuff, (link above) – but here are a couple more recent shots: