Let’s Make Potato Chips


Posted 04/13/2013

Dog Treats

Most people feed treats to their pets between the regularly scheduled meals.  Often, these treats come in the form of baked sweet potato chips or fries.  Lately, there has been some bad press about contaminated treats, some coming from outside the country.  An online article, written by a veterinarian, suggested that dog owners make their own sweet potato treats.

It’s an extraordinarily easy thing to do.  There’s no excuse for being lazy on this one!  Slice them, and bake them:



The best result comes if the slices are thin, and sliced in the same direction as one would slice a cucumber.  Be very careful while slicing (to keep all the fingers), and use a cutting board for best results.  After about forty minutes, I like to flip them, and then bake about fifteen minutes more.  This dries both sides of the chips.  Some additional time in the oven causes them to curl and harden a bit – making them more like regular potato chips.  Many of these latter batches never made it to the doggie treat jar!

I use no oil (it’s probably bad for the dogs), and I bake the chips at about 275 degrees. Experimentation will reveal the correct recipe for the ‘chewiness” that is desired.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Make Potato Chips

  1. Ron- That looks really good. Thing is we don’t have a dog. But it looks good enough for humans. Now we can also eat dog food. One bite for mankind and one bite for doggie. LOL

    • My weakness is potato chips, but the manufacturers don’t seem to be able to lower the oil/fat level by more than about fifty percent, even in the “baked” variety, which means only that it takes twice as many chips to kill me. Not good. This “recipe” has no oil at all and the chips seem tasty enough for my palate. I’m not sure how my little “procedure” can legitimately be called a recipe. Pare an apple, and eat it! LOL …

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