Places on the Path (1)


Posted 03/27/2013

I’ve been to some interesting sites lately, on the web.  It happens almost every day.  I’ve always been one to bookmark the good ones, but that method seems to fail for various reasons, including voluntary (and involuntary) upgrades and re-formats.

I decided to put the list here, such that I can find links later, bookmarks or no bookmarks.  So … I guess this page is maybe more for me than my readers.

The List

The Darden’s cruise to Tasman Island (near Tasmania) gave them both some breathtaking views of interesting sea rocks and other natural rock formations.  The pictures on their site do justice to many of these beautiful artifacts of the world down-under:

If wildly fattening, but delicious looking cherry ice cream based desserts are still within your doctor’s advisory, then I’d check this out:

A ketch sailboat is an old time sailing/fishing style of boat that has been adapted to ocean cruising:

Interesting site for programmers:

A favorite hangout of mine:     (Sailor_Hutch)

Monique and Drake’s blog page:
This blog is about Drake Roberts, Monique and their Westsail sailing yacht, the Paragon. Currently – they detail their trip across the North Atlantic, to Greenland, and tell of the beautiful sights along the way…

Serious advisory for FreeBSD operating system users.

Newish language designed by Walter Bright:

Some of my photo albums:

Newish operating system designed to mimic the BeOS:

Forest air contains health enhancing chemistry!!! :

Some sailors have no luck:

My blog on (writer’s site):

My blog on (writer’s site):

Another photo album site of mine:

The mayor of London is Mr. Boris Johnson.  Well, the honorable mayor has some very easy to caricature traits, and so another young fellow, who looks amazingly like the mayor, has created a somewhat crude, but at least a little funny video about the mayor.  Watch him flail his arms about – just like the real thing!

Containers are dropped into the ocean all of the time. Here is a magnificent example:

Here I am, the twittering fool … seems like a very strange name for a website.  However; the creator of the site is a talented musician who gives a rather liberal license for his stuff.  You can download and play, for example “I think I started a trend,” from the 2003 album list on the following link:

Oct 13, 2014 – Long time no post. I look back at some of these pages, and think to myself – “Hey, I’ve written a hundred pages, and said absolutely nothing!” I think that was the plan, Stan. Anyway – I’ve been busying myself with other things, such as my dream of sailing. There’s a great site called that is wonderful for anybody of like spirit – for those who yearn for the fair winds in their sails. I’m usually making some noob comment there under the pseudo “Sailor_Hutch”

I’ve been turning other gerbil wheels as well, doing some tech-conversation while visiting places like,,, and under the pseudo “Ronaldlees”

If you don’t hear from me again for a long while, I may indeed have wind in my sails…


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