Favorite Books

I’m a bit eclectic when it comes to my reading.  I find a little here, and then a little there, and maybe sometimes something in between.  Here’s the latest things I’ve read for education or amusement:


The book of Ginseng, auth Sarah Harriman, pub Pyramid Books, NY, first ed 1973.

Cinematic Wilmington, Making Movies on the East Coast, auth Jean Nance, pub Tidal Press, NC, first ed 2000.

Philosophy Made Simple, auth Richard Popkin, pub Doubleday, NY, first ed 1956.

The Backpacker’s Handbook, auth Chris Townsend, pub Ragged Mountain Press, Maine, first ed 1991.

Fifteen MInute Mandarin Chinese, auth Ma Cheng, pub DK, NYC, first ed 2008

Antimatter, auth Frank Close, pub Oxford, NY, first ed 2009

The Principle of Relativity, auth Einstein, pub General Publishing Co, Canada, first ed 1952 – unabridged from 1923 original

The Ruins, auth Scott Smith, pub Vintage Books, first ed 2006.

Oceanography, auth James Barker, pub Basic Books, first ed 1973.

When the Wind Blows, auth James Patterson, pub Warner Books, NY, first ed 1998

Open Water Diving, auth Scuba Schools International, pub Concept Systems, first ed 1990

Einstein In his Own Words, auth Anne Rooney, pub Gramercy Books, NY, first ed 2006.

Chapman Piloting, auth Elbert Maloney, pub First Marine Books, NY, ed 1991.

Pukka’s Promise, auth Ted Kerasote, pub Haughton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston, ed 2013.

Router Methods of Work, auth Jim Richey, pub Taunten Press, CT, ed 2000.

How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog, auth Chad Orzel, pub Basic Books, NY, ed 2012

Camera and Lens, auth Ansel Adams, pub Little, Brown, and Co, NY, 1970.

An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, auth E.A. Wallis Budge, pub Dover Publications Inc, NY, ed 1978

International Law, auth DJ Harris, pub Sweet and Maxwell, London, ed 2004.

Chinese Philosophy, auth Wing-Tsit Chan, pub Princeton paperbacks, ed 1963.

Furniture and Cabinet Making, auth John Feirer, pub Bennent Publishing Co, Ill, ed 1983.

40 nights to Knowing the Sky, auth Fred Schaaf, pub Henry Holt and Co, NY, ed 1998.

Good Wood Joints, auth Albert Jackson/ David day, pub Harper Collins Publishers, ed 1995.

Hand Crafted Cabinetry, auth Robert A. Yoder, pub Reader’s Digest, NY, ed 1999.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, auth Gary Null, Ph.D, pub Bottom LIne Books, ed 1998

How To Live Longer and Feel Better, auth Linus Pauling, pub Oregon State University Press, 1986

** Physical Chemistry, auth P.W. Atkins, pub Oxford University Press, ed 1978

Kitchen Ideas that work, auth Jamie Gold, pub The Taunton Press, NY, ed 2012

Built-ins and Storage, auth The taunton Press, pub The Taunton Press, CT, ed 2005.

Hound Health Handbook, auth Betsy Brevitz, D.V.M, pub Workman Publishing, NY, ed 2004

**Carpentry and Building Construction, auth Feirer and Hutchings, pub Chas Bennet Co, Ill, 1976

This is a smattering of the books I’ve read in the past year or two.  I’ll try to add to the list so much as I have the patience to type all this crap out.  I have quite a bit more patience with reading than I do with typing out bibliographical texts (LOL).  So, I’ve given them a rating of sorts.  The ones in bright yellow (title) are the ones I thought were very interesting.  This is not to say the others were bad – they just didn’t kick my brain into a nice orbit.

I tend to read books very quickly, so I’ve probably read 300-400  in the last couple years.  Many were physics related, but the reader of this blog appreciates some of the others I’ve entertained – or so I would think.  So – it’s a smattering.

– Ron

** Physical Chemistry, only read the part about quantum physics and its relationship to physical chemistry – this is a TOME, about 13×12 – 1000 pgs of small print. Note I have no degree in physics or chemistry, but this read well anyway.

*** Carpentry and Building Construction.  Seems to be a bible, of sorts.  Huge.  Only read the parts about cabinetry.

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