Let’s Go Sailing (3)


Posted 08-14-2013:  (continued from page two)

The little Newport Mark III seems affordable, but it’s not as inexpensive as the used Honda Civic.  Well – perhaps I stretched the common perception of “affordability” only a little bit, for effect.

We would’nt want too much more of a “bargain boat” – lest the list of needed repairs keep us on the hard forever (dry dock).  There’s a point where the cheap bargain turns to unsalvageable junk. However; if one is of a handy nature, and willing to spend the time to do the fixups, a sailboat can be had for the price of a Civic, literally.  For expedience, we think we’ll take a step up from that.  The Newport looks good from my armchair, but only a visit could possibly verify this …

The Newport has been listed as a “Bahamas/coastal” boat.  There’s a certain class of vessel that fits the “coastal” category.  Recently, I stumbled across a listing for a Westsail 32 in Washington state, priced a few thousand less than the Newport (of course, I’d have to go and get it, whereas the Newport is in my back yard 🙂

Some people have taken Westsails around the world (RTW in sailor-speak)

To be continued …


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