Spring is very Close

The local trees are already blossoming, showing us that spring has come to us a little earlier than usual (it’s March 5’th). Normally we see them in mid March, but the early blossoms this year are good for battered souls. We’re all a little battered, I suppose, but nature gives us a reminder of how relentlessly it renews itself, and prompts us to look for the brighter colors in our lives.

More color of nature: https://stormofphotons.smugmug.com


2 thoughts on “Spring is very Close

  1. Ron, How beautiful.  The world is so dreary we sure do need some beauty. You are sure right we are all battered. Some more than others. I see it in the school kids. There is so much stress in people now days.  The war does does not help. The good news is Jesus has it all in his hands even though it does not look  like it right  now. He is COMING. Believe it.  Soon. We are living in the Book of Rev.  Peace is coming.  Be not afraid. How are you coming on the work on your house. Are we to see some pics soon.  Take care.  Love  Mom and Dad

    • Hi Mom, Yes I have taken some pics, but I haven’t gotten around to uploading them. Thanks for the uplifting words. You are speaking the truth, so true, but it’s too bad the MSM isn’t doing the same. The news has gotten pretty preposterous, but even now many are unable to see outside of the box they’ve been guided into. Maybe Jesus can lift the lid for them someday, and they can peek out.

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