Keep Spring Forever in Your Mind

With the ninety degree April 6’th heat, we may say that spring has arrived – at least in spirit. I think we all needed spring to come early this year, to offset the really bad winter that was forgettable and regrettable for ‘oh so much more than just the gray days and drab landscapes of forgone winters.

I’d been noticing the buds on the trees during my AM walks, and managed to take a few pics of them. I think the buds I’ve photographed are of the Crepe Myrtle tree variety, but never was a horticulturalist. I just thought they were pretty, and a nice introduction to spring in 2021. Hooray I say, spring is here, I say.

Over the winter the body did its usual disintegration routine, so with the arrival of spring my walks will be more frequent, and maybe I’ll get back to a normal walking rhythm by June or July. I’ll just double up on my hummus. It’s the food of spring, sort of. It has some of the ingredients for a body’s spring renewal (now, I’m not a trained doctor any more than a horticulturist, so this is uneducated opinion).

Apparently, hummus is one of the only foods that you can eat (outside of snail innards IIRC) – that contains all three of the precursor organics needed by your DNA to renew those cells of your new spring body. Well, people have said so much as that in the past, and the FDA made them stop. The proponents of the hyperbole called hummus’s most important ingredient: (tahini) – by the name of vitamin T, and gave to it great powers. Apparently the FDA disagreed that it should be called a vitamin. Great powers or not, I’m counting on that hummus and some more spring fresh air to start the 2021 out-of-doors season that I hope will truly be a renewal.