Valence Electrons: Just holes in a Tetrahedron?


Are valence electrons really just “holes” in a pseudo-spherical tetrahedron? Are these portals the essence of forever-free power? Was Tesla really crazy? Since the time of Linus Pauling, and before him, physical chemistry has believed in a crystallographically defined vision of matter, but has not yet extended that vision beyond matter. Linus saw the atomic/molecular world as an angular realm, and described it in crystallograhic terms, held together with networks built from elementally and harmonically simple and related geometries.

But, isn’t the likelihood highly tilted towards a crystallographically defined universe? A universe where us 3D realm Euclideans can live without nightmares that extend a fantasy into other dimensions, and parallel universes?  A universe that would make sense even to Tesla, and stay localized and real?

All one needs to do is to realize that 1900s physics assumptions about an elemental plank unit, and elemental discrete levels of un-divide-able energy are clearly wrong.  Energy is a continuum of momentum. It is made discrete only because the most elemental geometries of the universe confine it.  This is intrinsically related to Tesla’s so-called scalar energy. All energy is scalar for an un-divide-able instant, but becomes an array of vectors upon connection with lyotropic aether.

Yes, I used a bad word:  aether. Modern physics will have no choice but to embrace a newspeak term for aether.  In some respects, they already have.  The “hole in a tetrahedron” statement is tilted towards a colloquially tending audience. It is really a dissimilar facet in the pseudo-sphere tetraheron, a form of Goldberg tetrahedron.  The irregular tetrahedron facets represent the “holes” – which are likely vortexes of aether.   Valence electron counts line up surprisingly well with certain Goldberg tetrahedrons.

Note: the author is a writer on technical subjects in some areas, of novels, and of other literature, but does not have any formal credentials related to the medical field, or in physics. Thus, this all constitutes an opinion of what might be possible, based on his own hobby-level knowledge quests.


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