Only Quantum Objects may use the Quantum Road

So-called quantum entanglement is confined to quantum objects such as photons, electrons, atoms, and molecules. Automobiles are not entangled with other automobiles, but atoms are entangled with atoms, photons with photons, and photons with atoms. You get the picture. So, we can say that so-called “quantum” entanglement is an atom-to-atom connection, or photon-to-photon connection, or a quantum object to quantum object connection. Why is this the case?

It’s the case that quantum objects take the quantum road. Obviously, that road is too small for the entire automobile as a single connection. The world of quantum acts completely differently than the world of automobiles. The quantum world is of the infinitesimal realm of things. So the quantum road, naturally, is also of the infinitesimal realm or things. This is exceedingly obvious by observing the way quantum entanglement works. They call it quantum entanglement, but I call it various things such as aether entanglement or aether crystal entanglement.

I call the phenomenon of “spooky action at a distance” by those terms, because the quantum road is defined by crystallographic terms, and the nanotech world operates at the level of crystallography.  The science of nanotechnology indicates a world that operates very differently than the observed human scale world.  The properties of nanoparticles are so much different than the properties of aggregate molecules such that an entirely different mode of thinking is required.  The different properties of nanoparticles, which operate in the quantum realm, enable strange things such as supra-magnetism and superconductance.  Those strange properties also enable the so-called quantum entanglement echoes.

Yes, I call them echoes, while physics in general calls them nothing – simply preferring to ignore them excepting for what they have formulated as a resultant “wave function.”  The wave function is nebulous, and requires statistical magic to make it work (once in a while).  This is because it is incorrectly defined as only a wave, and not as the composite energy flux that in the nano/crystal/quantum world is the default.

Entanglement, regardless of how you view it, must be admitted to the crystallographic realm.  All known means of generating entangled quantum objects at less than radioactive energy levels rely on crystals.   Not only that, but in every case, these crystals are very special crystals, having a property known as bifringence.  This bifringent property means that the “echo signal” that carries quantum entanglement can take multiple paths (and not necessarily ONLY the unbending straight line that is assumed by experiment).

Typically, the crystals used are beta barium borate, silicon nitride, diamond, or graphene.  Now, readers of my blog have grown accustomed to my words describing aether as a lyotropic crystal.  Not all crystals are human scale and shiny like a diamond.  Some are nanoscale, and possess energy that can travel the quantum road.  The quantum road is self assembling, self aligning, and self propagating lyotropic aether.  Energy provides the motive force for the assembly.  

When energy is large, the bifringence of the aether becomes very apparent.  A lightening strike can etch a fractal design onto a flat surface that it hits.  This is evidence of an underlying structure of the universe that is bifringent.  I say the aether is, in addition to the other things I’ve just mentioned, bifringent.  Hence, it IS the quantum road.


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