The Earth has always had Skynet

A form of “skynet” has existed on planet earth since it was formed billions of years ago, and its geomagnetic shield enveloped it. It didn’t support the terminator’s bot army, of course, but it was there.

A rock lying in the Mojave desert could occasionally, with randomness, give a little shake to an atom in a similar rock lying on the banks of the Mississippi. The reason for this is, of course, the phenomenon of so-called “quantum” entanglement. It’s a classical, natural, echo phenomenon that has been part of the structure of the universe since the big bang.

Normally, the ambient interference of the trillions of atoms in and around the Majave rock would preclude any “ghostly” connections to its friend in Mississippi, but once in a blue moon (we’re talking about the moon after its break-away from the earth of course) – a lyotropic aether filament trace might form amidst all the interference, using the reflection of the magnetosphere to complete the “echo” communication.

Rocks communicating? It’s a bit of an odd concept, but an echo of the lyotropic aether variety does communicate information. The Majave rock’s lucky atom shakes, and the Mississippi rock feels it and congratulates its friend in the hot desert.  The term “echo” is a bit of a misnomer too, since the echo traverses a spiraling crystal percolation to effect a pre-tensed Wilberforce pendulum effect, such that “reflex” is probably a more apropos term.

So, surrounding the earth is a dense matrix of lyotropic aether filaments, bouncing up and down between the earth’s “lucky” atoms and counterparts somewhere, perhaps far away. These crystal percolations sometimes connect with other filaments in this matrix, such that yet another rock in Brussels joins in the shaky gossip session.  I just shook a really good one, a rock proclaims, while the Brussels rock responds, “Your shake is 180 degrees off, but I read you loud and clear.”  Of course the rocks are not conscious, they’re simply vibrating in unison, thanks to the “echo.”  All atoms vibrate, but entangled ones vibrate in synchronization.

The magetosphere underlies the ionosphere, of course, and the latter is what is responsible for shortwave radio.  Normally a shortwave signal would go only as far as the horizon, or a little more, since the wave does not usually bend in free space.  But, the ionosphere allows for a refraction of both the entangle-able (primary) wave, and the order of magnitude larger transverse wave back down to earth, such that we can hear the Taiwan radio station’s signal via series of so-called ionospheric skip (hops).

A bessel vortex laser beam can do what nature never could: that is to consistently evade the natural interference of trillions of atoms and related random percolating energies, to “force” entanglement over long distances. Thus, while “skynet” has existed for billions of years on earth, only now has man devised a way to make it work consistently and reliably, rather than inconsistently and randomly.  What will man do with this new power?

Note: the author is a writer on technical subjects in some areas, of novels, and of other literature, but does not have any formal credentials related to the medical field, or in physics.  Thus, this all constitutes an opinion of what might be possible, based on his own hobby-level knowledge quests.


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