I Have Walked Thousands of Miles

I have walked a thousand miles, and then two thousand, and then three thousand miles. It seems like a lot, but the miles add up if you have a daily or semi-daily walking habit. When I’ve walked, it’s always been between two and six miles, with four miles probably being the average. In a year, that’d already be well over a thousand miles. The other day, my wife noticed the slant of my shoe heels. I usually don’t look at myself from behind, so I wasn’t aware of it. I’ve always had a shuffle-walk, and I guess I still do, based on the photos. I haven’t turned up lame, so I guess it’s not a very serious thing. Yet, maybe I should try to balance myself better so as to go more lightly on the heels of my shoes.

The shoes in the pic have about 1500 miles on them, and are about three years old. I don’t wear them on every walk I take. I have some other shoes (but I suppose I should check the heels on those, eh?) The uppers are almost perfect, which is probably why I didn’t notice anything wrong, and kept wearing them. They’re a wool blend. I’ve never had such good-wearing shoes. Normally, the uppers look tawdry long before the heels, but these wool shoes keep looking good (at least from the level of my eyes looking down at them). And, as a bonus, they are warm in the winter. I guess Obama was known to wear wool shoes. I may not have agreed with all of his political views, but he had good taste in footwear.


2 thoughts on “I Have Walked Thousands of Miles

    • Yeah, I put them in the closet to use for painting shoes. Recently needed to touch up a spot on the house, and tried to use them. Couldn’t use them due to walking at an angle LOL. I guess I was used to them, and no longer am. So they’re now in the landfill.

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