A Single, Elemental Clay

The free will thing is the biggest question for humans, and the most oblique and cloudy to understand. Maybe this has to do with quantum threads that live teetering on the edge of chaos. Just as a pseudo random number generator falls short of randomness, so does the typical view of free will fall short of accommodating our perception of how much of that (free will) we really have.

So, the idea that random choices that are not really random just look like free will, is an idea that falls far short of really explaining how the human choices we make are freely made.  For now, the answer remains a secret.  but perhaps the supernatural plays a part.

We are awash in connections (those being between quantum objects), yet with increasing distance between those quantum-endpoints, the interaction with the most far-flung of those objects decreases, such that we are mostly affected by our immediate surroundings and our inner selves (where both or all quantum endpoints are “homed” within ourselves, and only a few are extended).

This is forutunate, or we’d be composite beings with no self identity.  If everything comes from the aether – even all the energy that is manifested as moving bumps within it, and if matter also is formulated as closed circular self-perpetuating bumps within that aether, then we can say for sure that the universe is made of a single elemental clay.  God’s clay.


5 thoughts on “A Single, Elemental Clay

  1. We are all connected! Amazing how all our actions ripple no matter how small they seem to be. If we surrender…surely the potter has the perfect form in mind to work His clay into. However evolving the process may be:)

    • This stuff is my conjecture of course … just letting my mind roam. But, interestingly, of the few physicists who allow even for the existence of the aether, they tend to be religious folks. One particular Catholic priest (who is a also a professor at Catholic University) – fully subscribes to the idea of the aether. “Regular” physicists pretty much deny the aether, or substitute another thing that amounts to the same thing (quantum foam). After so many year of denial, the academics can’t cave to the word “Aether” … LOL

      • Well there is a truth in science that scientists often don’t want to acknowledge.. It would force them to face the reality of God. Which is more than a bit ignorant…closed off. Wonder how many of them understand factual History as well…hmm. Unless we are completely honest….answers to those mysterious questions won’t be found. Thankfully there are those who are inquisitive and who Believe! I wonder how many of the Priests you speak of have had experiences with the super natural…..may that have opened their minds to the aether?

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