Rusty Nails


Posted 04/05/2015:

WordPress is very generous with sub-domains. You may have as many as you like (within reason). This blog contains mostly stuff of a personal nature – but I’ve created a few other blogs for some of the other interests I have.


7 thoughts on “Rusty Nails

  1. happy. birthday Starsk and Hutch. Seven years already, time sure do fly. Have to say they are good looking dogs but they also look like they eat a lot. Mom

    • Yes, Hutch thinks he’s pretty good looking. Hutch actually doesn’t eat that much. He’s around 125-130 pounds, but I feed him about two-thirds to three-quarters of what I give to Starsky. He’s one of those dogs who probably could benefit from those gastronomies they give to some overweight people. He just packs it on. Starsky, on the other hand, weighs only about ninety pounds now, but he eats like a horse. So – I guess Starsky has my metabolism.

  2. Happy Birthday Starsky and Hutch! The Big 7!
    From Your Auntie Lynn.
    Hey Ron! Did ya get my Easter Card?
    How ya doing?

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