Hutch for President

Hutch for President

The very late entry into the 2012 presidential race by candidate Hutch of the Canis Lupus Party is being viewed with some skepticism by politial pundits. Regardless, the indefatigable, albeit unusual candidate expressed his usual optimism at a party rally of the Canis Lupus party headquarters near Raleigh, North Carolina. Speaking later from his home, he gave interviewers a bright smile, saying “Wut Wo!” – which seems to be a party slogan of sorts. Vice presidential candidate Starsky was as upbeat as the presdential hopeful who is his brother as well as his running mate. The aspiring VP politely deferred comment on the bulk of the interviewer’s questions.

Major party philosophies are detailed on a political poster that has been spotted on a number of local lawn standards, and promotes a set of political planks that should resonate well with voters:



    No Catting Around

The last and (some say) most dubious platform plank promoted by the Canis Lupus Familiaris party has been drawing most of the skepticism from the pundits – but pollsters have already detected that many voters believe in the sincerity of the candidate.

A larger photo of the candidate can be seen at:


One thought on “Hutch for President

  1. It amazes me how you Canis Lupus people will just throw your support to any old mutt with good ears.

    What about the reports circulating about the senior advisor for Mr. “paws off” … and the anonymous tip put out about him on morning-leaks? Huh? Quote: “We gotta keep the whole cats thing on the DL until after the election. Then, we’ll see what we can do.” What about that!?

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