The Welcome page is here by default.  The good people who created WordPress gave it to me as part of the initial template for the blog.  I guess they figure that every blogger should have one.  Maybe they are correct about that, and I should write something here that seems relevant to the title.  “Welcome.”


Now that is out of  the way.  Whew!

Really, this blog is likely to contain mostly writings about writings, as the blog author is an author outside of the blog.  So, writings are sure to be centered, most of the time, around the travails of authorship and book writing.  I’m not much into long serial message posts, so most of the stuff will be in the “pages” accessible at the top of the screen.



3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Looks interesting. We’ll have to check it all out as soon as we can. The apartment should be done by the end of next week. Have been spending a lot of time there. Love – Mom

  2. Hey Ron, Good luck with the book signing. Nice blog. Kind of fun aren’t they. Maybe I should wait with that until you have a little more on it..lol Good Luck!

    • Thanks Lynn. Yeah- I have to have something to write, don’t I? 🙂

      Just finished Beelzebub’s Bargain. Not far enough into Doppelganger to say anything. Sitting here at the Train Depot watching for Amtraks. Best WIFI in town. Later

      – Ron

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